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Looking to liquidate your business?
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Pre-Pack Administration

A pre pack is when the business is sold by the administrator to management or a third party purchaser either immediately upon his appointment or within a few days.

It is a useful tool when the type of business means that ongoing marketing by an administrator may damage its goodwill and value.

What are the advantages of pre pack administration?

One of the main advantages of this administration is the permanency of the “business”, as the business is protected by the courts, giving the administrator the power to sell the business and all of its assets. It writes off the debts of the existing company with no interruption to the trading business.

If the newco turns out to be the previous directors of the business then it may often generate negative publicity, as it is often frowned upon, despite it being a legal arrangement. It’s important to remember that other options may include liquidation, whereby employees may lose jobs and the business does not continue trading.

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Pre-pack administration
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