If your company is insolvent and is placed into Liquidation (or Administration) then, along with the other debts of the company, any amount owed to HMRC for PAYE/NIC, VAT, Corporation Tax etc will also be included.

Am I responsible for paying it personally as a director?

Those carrying out the liquidation will deal with HMRC as part of the process and will ultimately advise them as to whether they will receive a distribution from the insolvent estate. To dispel a myth, when a company is placed into a formal insolvency process the directors are not automatically personally responsible for company HMRC liability. Whilst HMRC do retain powers of investigation following the liquidation or administration of a company this is generally reserved for cases where there is believed to be fraudulent or irregular activities by the company and its directors and not utilised otherwise. Otherwise, the company HMRC liability will be included within the estate with no responsibility placed upon the directors personally in anyway whatsoever. If you have any concerns regarding the liquidation process, then feel free to get in touch with The Insolvency Experts today. Our experts have extensive experience helping businesses that are facing debt problems, including voluntary company liquidation.

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