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    To help us provide a quote, we ask for a few estimates on your current company finances.

    Don’t panic if you don’t have the numbers to hand; just give us your best estimates and our
    team of financial experts will be able to help you gather the exact figures in due course.

    Number of Creditors?


    Amounts Owed?
    Estimate how much you owe these 20 creditors.





    People that are owed money

    Creditors is another term for the people and organisations you currently owe money to.

    These creditors may range from loan companies, to suppliers, to HMRC.

    Knowing the number and type of creditors currently owed to allows us to assess an order of priority for dealing with all of your outstanding debts.

    Bank overdraft / loans

    We’re aware that companies in financial trouble may have one of several overdrafts and/or outstanding loan
    agreements they are currently in debt on.

    Just give us your best estimate of the sum total of the figures that are currently outstanding specifically in
    these two areas.

    HMRC (PAYE, VAT, Corporation TAX, CIS)

    Many companies find that HMRC are one of the creditors they owe the most to, between factors such as their PAYE, Corporation Tax and VAT bills at certain times of the year.

    If you can, try to add up all you outstanding HMRC payments and give us a general estimate.

    Other individuals/companies

    Whether you owe money to one individual or 100 companies, each of them can be classed as a creditor, so the outstanding debt needs to be taken into account.

    These debts can include freelance employees with unpaid invoices, stock suppliers who haven’t been paid for items, or agencies who have outstanding bills for services rendered.

    Value of company assets

    Now for the good news! We always look to cover the costs of a Liquidation - and any repayments to creditors - by using company assets.

    Assets could include property, stock, vehicles, equipment and outstanding invoices. We can provide a full valuation of each area, but for now, just select a rough estimate.