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What stage are you at?

Identifying which stage of the insolvency process you’re
currently experiencing helps us get you the ideal support.

HMRC Tax Arrears

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Dealing with Bailiffs

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Cash Flow Issues

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Winding Up Petition

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What are your options?

Your range of financial and legal options depends on which financial
issue/s you are dealing with. Some of the most common issues include:


Company Voluntary Arrangements (CVAs) allow businesses to pay towards their outstanding debts. It is a legally binding agreement, meaning that you cannot be targeted with winding up petitions or any other legal recourse. A CVA can buy you time to increase cash flow. Find out more about Company Voluntary Arrangements.

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Falling into arrears with HMRC can have a range of negative impacts on a business. Keeping up with HMRC and VAT commitments in a correct and timely manner is vital for any successful company, but there are times when you may need the support of a financial expert to secure a manageable payment plan for your HMRC Debt.

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Whether a compulsory or voluntary decision, liquidation is a complex process that should be undertaken with the help of professional experts. The Insolvency Experts provide advice and support to businesses and directors that are facing the threat of liquidation or have begun necessary steps to cease trading. Find out more about our Liquidation Services.

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The Insolvency Experts can be appointed as administrators of your business during an administration process. Dedicated Insolvency Practitioners can restructure your business and complete the necessary steps to avoid liquidation. Speak to The Insolvency Experts today if you have any worries or concerns, or learn more regarding Company Administration on our site.

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Director Duties

If your business is insolvent, you hold responsibility as a director. In order to avoid taking personal liability or accusations of wrongful trading seek professional advice from The Insolvency Experts. We can provide professional recommendations on the best course of action for you and your business, meanwhile you can gain useful information from our site about various Director Duties.

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Dealing with Bailiffs

Many people are unaware of their rights if a bailiff calls – often allowing access without correct procedure having been followed. If a bailiff calls at your premises you should already be expecting them – they should have given notice. We are familiar with the way these documents need to be written and are happy to assess them for you. More information is available on our Dealing with Bailiffs pages.

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How Can The Insolvency Experts Help?

We have a range of options to allow you to access our insolvency advice:

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Our People

We offer a highly qualified and experienced
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Our Process

Each and every client will receive personalised financial care, but our
process follows a few key steps to find your ideal financial outcome:


Initial Meeting

One of our fully licensed Insolvency Practitioners will offer initial advice on your case


We Get To Work

Our team will explore your case in more detail and guide you towards the best option



Once we’ve selected the ideal financial solution, we’ll manage all necessary steps


Best Outcome

Having pursued your ideal solution, we’ll reach the best outcome for your financial future

Why Us

We believe that The Insolvency Experts are the ideal option to help a
range of companies find the ideal solution to their current financial issues.


For any company facing serious financial issues, our experts can provide immediate support and guidance, helping you to take the appropriate steps to meet any impending deadlines.


If you are concerned about the financial position of your business and would like expert advice, our Insolvency Practitioners have a long track record in helping companies in similar positions.


The Insolvency Experts help with any concerns regarding debt, administration or liquidation. We can help you take the best course of action, often using your assets to help you avoid any additional cost.

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Company Voluntary Arrangements (CVAs) allow businesses to pay towards their outstanding debts.

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