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How much will it cost to liquidate your business?

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How much does it cost to liquidate a company in the UK?

Understandably, given the financial strain and worry already experienced by those involved with a company facing liquidation, many people are concerned to know about the costs involved with the process of completing a liquidation.We have guided many clients in the UK through the key question of how much does liquidation cost?

While there is no exact default figure – overall liquidation costs and timescale will depend on the specific circumstances of your company – it is worth noting that while there is a cost to liquidation, as with any professional service, the cost of a liquidation can often be met through the assets of the business. So, whether the liquidation costs are in the hundreds of pounds or thousands of pounds, the fee may well be covered through the actual liquidation itself, freeing you from both:

  • additional financial pressure and specific costs now
  • as well as any future financial risk associated with owning a company with mounting debts

How do you know if liquidation is the right option?

In some instances, the business may enter into an Administration process, which could then be unsuccessful. Entering a Company Liquidation process would then be the result. Both administration and insolvency are entered into as the business is either unable to pay their debts when they fall due, or their liabilities are larger than their assets.

Should you reach a point where neither insolvency or Company Administration is a viable option, you will likely have to proceed with the liquidation of your company. Many businesses feel an administration is the way to go, but they may not meet the criteria. At this point, you need to find the best liquidation services to support you in the process.

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What liquidation consultancy services are there?

Whilst the route to liquidation can either be a voluntary or compulsory process, the outcome is that your business is being wound-up and will no longer trade. Whether it’s your choice, or a creditor forcing your business into liquidation, we can provide you with the advice you need throughout the process.

Going through the liquidation of a company can be a daunting task and very complex process – we suggest taking professional advice to protect the business and its directors from significant implications. Here at The Insolvency Experts, we have provided UK company liquidation services for many years and can offer a great deal of expertise.


How do I go about liquidating a company?

Whether the choice to liquidate was yours, or your creditors, it’s a daunting task and a very complex process. We suggest taking professional liquidation advice to protect the business and its directors from significant implications. Having the support of an expert in UK company liquidation ensures the best possible representation guidance at every stage of the process.

To find out more about liquidation, and the different forms liquidation of a company can take, you can visit our What is Liquidation? page. This will offer you a range of additional information on how we can support our clients with UK company liquidation processes.


How do I find the right liquidation services for my company?

When it comes to finding the right service to guide you through the liquidation of a company, you’ll want to find an experienced and trusted financial service. Here at The Insolvency Experts, we are ideally equipped to guide you on every aspect of UK company liquidation and how the processes of closing your company would work.

We assure each and every client that any time we take on liquidation services, we do a highly proficient job and ensure the repayment of the highest possible amounts to any creditors. To speak to us in more detail about what we can offer in terms of liquidation services, please get in touch today by phoning 0300 303 8284, or emailing us via our Contact page.

Company Liquidation Quote

How much will it cost to liquidate your business?

Find out now