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What are the advantages and disadvantages of Administration?

Jason Elliott - 29/05/2018
According to figures released by The Insolvency Service, 300 companies went into Administration in the last quarter of 2017. Jason…
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Struggling to pay business debts – understand which are priority and which are non-priority

Ben Cowgill - 15/05/2018
If you are struggling to pay your debts, it helps to know which ones should take priority and which can…
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Look out for early signs of underperformance

Ben Cowgill - 03/05/2018
Signs of underperformance can be difficult to spot unless there is a sudden and catastrophic disaster. This could be an…
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HMRC Winding Up Petition Rates at a 5 year High

Ben Cowgill - 06/04/2018
Over the course of the last year the number of winding up petitions sought by HMRC has increased by 21%.…
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What can a bailiff legally take from my workplace or home?

Nick Brierley - 03/04/2018
Enforcement officers, also known as bailiffs, can be appointed by a creditor to recover the money which is owed to…
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If you are a sole trader concerned about Insolvency – read this now

Jason Elliott - 26/03/2018
When a limited company becomes insolvent, directors receive protection from personal liability through what is known as the ‘veil of…
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What is a Partnership Voluntary Arrangement (PVA)?

Jason Elliott - 20/03/2018
A Partnership Voluntary Arrangement (PVA) is an agreement whereby Partnerships repay a proportion of business debts to unsecured creditors. It…
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Clampdown on ‘Hidden Employees’ brings in over £800m for HMRC

Ben Cowgill - 17/03/2018
Investigations into payroll arrangements among companies across the UK brought in over £800m to the Treasury during the 2016/17 tax…
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If I suspect a customer or a supplier are in financial distress – what should I do?

Ben Cowgill - 13/03/2018
If you believe a supplier or customer is experiencing financial distress, it is important to find out as much as…
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Could cashflow problems in my business affect my personal finances and credit rating?

Jason Elliott - 12/03/2018
Jason Elliott at Bolton Insolvency Experts explains why sometimes business cashflow problems can affect you personally. Sole traders and individual…
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